Saturday, March 10, 2012

Philosophy of Code Geass: The Power of Kings

Power, so many people crave it, but is it a double edged sword? I believe that having power makes you lonely. People who are in a position of power are lonely most of the time because they have to separate themselves from the people they are commanding. They can’t have friends because it could interfere with important decisions that have to be made.
For example, it is discouraged for an employer to have an intimate relationship with his/her employee because it can lead to problems in the workplace. Let’s say that Tim is the manager of a local sporting goods store and Jill is the clerk and they are involved in an intimate relationship. Customers start complaining that Jill is rude and unpleasant but Tim ignores their complaints because he doesn’t want to fire Jill because that could lead to problems in their relationship. As a result, word spreads that the store does not have good service and the business falls into ruin. Because Tim did not keep a certain distance from his employee, he was not able to make effective decisions that were crucial to the success of his business.
Lancelot Albion vs Guren
For Lelouch's case, he has to make hard decisions that no one will make or will like but that's what being a leader is about. He cannot get too emotional and breakdown if one of his soldiers dies in a battle. Take for example Lelouch’s relationship with Kallen/Karen. When Kallen was kidnapped by the Britannians at the Battle of Xiaopei (R2 episode 10) Zero had to make the choose of either saving Kallen and put the entire Black Knights at risk or leave her behind and fight to rescue her on a later date. Because he was friends with Kallen it was a hard decision to make. Maintaining distance between a leader and his subordinate can lead to effective working conditions.


  1. I agree with your post when you talked about making rough decisions that no one wants to make. Personally I think everybody can be a leader but it is those that are born leaders that can handle those tough decisions.

  2. I agree that leaders are forced to make tough decisions in their positions. I, however, think that people in power shouldn't distance themselves from others in a lower position. It is important to have those connections with others. It is a general idea that one is lonelier at the top, but this is not necessarily the case. One study in Communication Quarterly found that people who are higher on the social ladder are not lonelier than those who are less important than them.